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I do love Friday.

I’m off for the weekend to a place where there’s no phone reception, let alone internet.

So be nice to each other, and I’ll see you all when I get back.





How to ruin your day with your own email, in simple and easy to follow steps.

I have one of those friends.

Everyone that has an email address has one.

The friend that is actually quite a decent and considerate individual in real life, but fills your email box with cats, puppies and racist jokes.

Picture this: You open your email and you see a wall of postings that have been forwarded daily from friends around the world. Slowly, you plod through them all, clicking from one email to the next and carefully reading through all of them incase there’s something important, or actually interesting.

Aw how cute! Ninja cats! Cats with light sabres! There’s even a cat video!

Look! That doggy is smiling! It even has “Smile and be happy” written under it.

It’s all soft, squishy and gooey, till it suddenly just hits you.


It’s like when you’re enjoying a roller-coaster ride, and your child sitting next to you suddenly explosively vomits. Fun-times are over people; let’s all go home.

There it is; that dirty great racist joke fouling up your inbox. Often they’re miss-spelled and written in size 24 comic-sans. It’s a joke that relies on the shock value of it’s un-pc cliché ending to deliver the laughs, because it’s author couldn’t actually come up with something genuinely funny.

CRaP (Cats, Racism and Puppies) emails tend to have me groaning a strained “for crying out loud”. You just want to slap the lid of your notebook down and just give up. It’s like when you’re at a great party and someone puts on a ‘Poison’  CD.

Do you own this CD?

I’m not exactly sure who laughs at jokes about women being beaten, asians in cars, people of a particular religion being shot and blown up, or indigenous Australians being unemployed. But someone must, as they keep reposting these stupid jokes. Then again, there are still people out there that drink VB.

Worse, I just can’t bring myself to too tell my CRaP emailing friends just to drop me off their lists. In the real world they’re actually pretty decent people, and I do actually like the puppies.

So friends, ditch the dodgy jokes. Send me flowers, kittens and puppies. Show me some cool stuff, and feel free to send me anything that pays out on Twilight.

What happens when your cats listen to Poison.

Of all the stupid things

I’m angry. Mad. Mad as hell and not going to take it.

I was going to start my first big blog entry off talking about a movie I saw yesterday, (Harry Potter for those who want to know) But While I was out seeing that film, over lunch a girlfriend told me about a friend of ours getting attacked online by a bunch of crazies.

I didn’t think much of it till I was talking to him later on the phone, where he detailed the whole sorry story to me. He sounded relaxed about it, but all the same you can tell he’s a bit frustrated by the whole thing.

It’s a long and complicated story, so I’ll try and give you a concise-ish version. Essentially what has happened is that he (my friend) has been accused of running a blog website called ‘The Anti-Bogan’. It is a site that posts up publically made hateful and racist statements by Australians found around the Internet, to highlight the growing problems with racism in our country. The site briefly critiques the statements, and then leaves it open to the public to talk about.

What’s happened next, is a couple of the crazies that have featured on the site have found the address and work details of this friend of mine, then posted it up on the internet so that all the other crazies that have had their comments displayed on the site could then go and harass him about it.

Seems straightforward?

It wasn’t until I read some of the rubbish that had been posted on the Crazies’ websites that the full extent of what was going on hit me.

They’re clowns, but what they do is anything but funny. It started on facebook, like all of the really crazy stuff does these days, where a group called ‘Victims of the Antibogan’ had been setup.

It’s hard to feel sorry for these people. They’re a pack of drongos that have had every opportunity in life, and all they want to do is bash others. They’re the kind of guys that you give a car to, and all they do with it is a few burnouts before they crash it into a ditch rather than use the car to take them somewhere interesting and new. These are people that look for the nearest bar when they go overseas for a holiday before returning to tell their other mates about how ‘shitfaced’ they got.

Yet they spent their life crying about how they’re not getting enough, and that people are taking it away from them, while they demand things get taken away from others.

Don’t get me wrong. Although I do like browsing it, I’m not a particular fan of ‘The anti-bogan’ site. I read it occasionally, and find myself uncomfortably transfixed. It’s like reading some of the trashy true-crime serials that you occasionally see at the newsagent. You can’t look away when you read them, even though they make your skin crawl. The most horrifying aspect is that these are real people. None of it is fiction.

The site itself has had a few controversies. People have lost jobs over what has been published on the site, although you sometimes have to wonder how long they would last without their appearance on the site. Also often the comments wall can be clouded with abusive material from both sides of the political divide.

The ‘Victims of the Antibogan’ site however is a one-way street. It’s filled with vulgar statements that appear less about actually being ‘Victims’, and more about hoping that they too will be made famous on the Anti Bogan site. I guess I can’t fault them for having ambition at least.

Like many sites of it’s kind, it’s a termite’s nest of racism. A seething mass of clawing and biting with the occupants determined to out-filth each other. The group itself is moderated by what appears to be a very tormented individual. He’s a far right wing conservative homosexual that is homophobic. He’s a lover of retro-clothing and inner city living, but is actually quite a transient and tasteless and hates ‘latte drinkers’. In a lot of ways he’s like a real-world version of the fictional character ‘Jame Gumb’ from The Silence of the Lambs. He’s a man fighting with his own identity, and has been unable to reconcile any of these aspects of his personality while he flicks from one identity to the next.

Our Jame Gumb here not only posted my friend’s details across his group on facebook, but he also painted it across his own website, along with a variety of photos. Pasted in below the text is, (or was till his provider took his site down) a wall of literally hundreds of right wing anti-liberal website banners.

All this on a website that is listed in Google as being a retail site for a ‘retro clothing outlet’.

Jame Gumb

It is a disturbing read. Jame tries to pin on my friend the horrifying crime of actually trying to improve the world through education, (he’s a teacher) although not in so many words. Bashing education is a common theme with these people. They often bash people who go and get an education, only to then complain that the government isn’t teaching the right things in education.

Having peaked at achieving this, Jame then tries to outdo himself with a series of abusive emails to my friend where he reveals he lives close by. But not just him,  at this point some construction worker in Queensland then starts to fire off a series of emails as well, much of which appears to be details about my friend’s home. Later, another crazy; a woman that lives somewhere down here in Victoria, then starts calling my friend, before later calling his workplace.

At this stage the people that run ‘The Anti Bogan’ website apparently took down the site while these threats were happening.

It doesn’t end there however.

Within a day or so, all the same details appear on the website of am outspoken White Supremacist. That’s right, the Neo-Nazis are now involved. Mr skinhead is so excited about having the details of someone else that he can lay a kick into, that frothing at the mouth, he makes three posts in the same day on his online blog.

On his blog is a call for action, although he goes to great lengths to dress up his call for physical violence with a ‘We wouldn’t want to do anything illegal, would we now’ kind of statement. Prior to that, he had posted my friends details, his workplace details, the details of the principal of the school that he teaches at, the contact details of the nearest police station and the contact details of the local MP.

That’s right, we have a Neo-Nazi who wants his Neo-Nazi mates to write to their local MP and go to the police.

Yep. I know what you’re thinking.

This Neo-Nazi’s website; called ‘Whitetrash flowers’ or something like that, is filled with all kinds of contradictions like this. In other posts he attacks certain neo-Nazi friendly political groups because they just don’t hate Jews enough. He even posts a comment about how my friend’s last name could/maybe/possibly be a derivative of a made-up Jewish name.

No wonder none of these racist political groups ever get off the ground. There are too many Hitlers, not enough Wehrmacht.

This guy isn’t really a Neo-Nazi though. He’s the comic-book version of a Neo-Nazi. He types all the things that he thinks a Neo-Nazi should say, but it’s hard to believe that his heart is really in it. It just feels like another child that is struggling with his own identity like our Jame Gumb. He’s delved into the world of stereotype so much that he’s become a 2-dimensional stereotype of his own.

He fills his blog with all kinds of rants, but some of them end weirdly when it appears that he’s laughing so hard at his own statements that he can’t actually finish typing what he’s saying.

No idea where he’s from, but my friend Assures me that he lives in Queensland. Nice to know that he’s three states away.

Your stereotypical Neo Nazi at work

So, we’ve got the Tailor, the Construction Worker, the Telephone Operator and the Neo-Nazi. Oh look! It’s the right-wing version of the Village People!

Macho, Macho nutter. I want to be a Macho nutter.

There are plenty of jokes that can be made about these low-quality examples of our citizenry, but I just can’t bring myself to feel sorry for these ‘Victims of the Antibogan’. They’re creepy and sad, and seem determined to draw the rest of the world down to their lowly level. And I’m mad as hell that they’re trying to do it to my friend.

Get a life, Crazies. Get a life.


Hi! And Welcome to my Blog. You’re right; it’s brand new and ready to be improved. Pardon the tradesmen, they’ve promised me they will clean themselves up when they leave.
So what shall we talk about? Not work!
Give me some ideas, and we’ll let it go from there.

See you in the near future.

Waving hand.