Why yes officer, I was wearing high heels. Why is that relevant?

A man needs to dress differently to avoid getting raped.

“Your Honor”, Said the defendant. “I have something I’d like to say in my defense”.

The aging Judge that was almost asleep in his chair looked up over the rim of his glasses, briefly looking away that from the iPhone he’d been messaging with to kill the sheer boredom.

“Yes, what is it Mr Stephen” the judge scowled down in return.

The defended swayed nervously for a moment, before replying “Brother! Brother I am hurt inside”.

“Oh Really”? The judge retorted with a hint of sarcasm.

“Brother yes. These charges that have been placed against me are utterly unfair”.

Intrigued, the Judge put his iPhone aside, and leaned forward. “Please explain how you see them as unfair” he uttered in reply through his aging lips.

“Brother, I’m a man. And I have man needs. These needs have to be met”! The defendant declared before continuing. “Brother, I found someone that met those needs. When I saw him on the street, with his shirt off, his hat backwards, his CK underpants peaking over the waist of his pants, I was mesmerized. I was mesmerized I tell ya.”

The defendant paused for a moment to give a longing glance to another man in the room.  He opened his mouth, and stuttered as he tried to finish his statement. ‘Your honor. Brother! When I saw that gold chain hanging over his six-pack I just HAD to take him. Have you seen this ass! Brother! That’s one fine ass. And the way he was dressed, well. I couldn’t help myself your honor”.

The court fell silent for a moment. The judge looked over to the other man, before asking “So, you say.. it was because of the way he was dressed”?

“Sure as I’m standing here today, your honor. I just… just… couldn’t help myself”.

The judge stroked his chin for a moment in thought, before picking up the gavel and striking his bench with it. “Case dismissed”! he decried.

You’ve all heard about ‘SlutWalk’ by now. It’s difficult to have avoided. With a name like that, it’s instantly in everyone’s face. There have been all kinds of articles written in the media about it, but there seems to have been very little attempt to actually address the issues that the Walkers have tried to discuss.

So in short, we have some cop that addresses a group of women, with a line like “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”

Ahhh the police! Mr Rogerson is here to protect you.

Coming from a cop this is naturally quite worrying.  This is a man that should know that the majority of women that have been raped, are raped by someone known to them. As he is a cop, I can understand that he feels himself to be the protector of the world. But restricting women’s rights to go where they please, or dress how they wish to dress isn’t going to solve anything.  Do we restrict men’s rights in the same way?

And what is worse is the horrendous passing the buck that such a statement makes. The statement infers that it’s the responsibility of the woman to not get raped. This is as though the world is full of out of control animal men who wish to never take responsibility for their own actions.  No one seems to want to run a women’s safety course where you sit down with a room full of men and say ‘Don’t rape FFS. That hot dress she is wearing isn’t necessarily for you to rip off’.

After all, how often have you seen a man get hassled by a group of Muscle Marys because he has his shirt off. It always seems different when it is a man that gets attacked.  It just doesn’t seem to happen in the same way.

Why? Because men look at men differently.

So for those of you who don’t understand SlutWalk, here’s something for you to think about.  It’s about time we started seeing some men reflecting on the problems in our community. Someone has to start telling them that they have to take responsibility for their own actions, and it’s other men that need to do it.

Incidentally, Mr Rogerson wasn’t the cop.


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