Got a problem Idiot?

It doesn’t take much to find some idiot’s opinion on ‘the interwebz’ about almost anything. Indeed, that’s almost all that the net is actually full off.

It’s empowering and disheartening at the same time. We can watch it rise to the highest intellectual highs, and then fall to the lowest of lows. We can witness some truly amazing moments, and then be drowned in a torrent of off the cuff incredibly stupid comments.

Got a problem Idiot? Tell everyone!

Got a problem Idiot? Tell everyone!

It gets weird. Really weird when you start to look at the groups filled with people complaining about their first world problems. This is one of the greatest tragedies of the internet, as it has given an amplified voice to some of the stupidest people in our community so that they can vent loudly and proudly some of the dumbest things that they can dream up.

Often they’ll excuse their utter dumbness by claiming to be exercising their right to ‘freedom of speech’. When in reality they are simply just exercising their right to open their fat and well-fed mouths to complain about the things in their line of sight, which they haven’t been able to consume into their ‘way of life

Let’s take for example the ‘Ban the Burqa’ groups on Facebook and elsewhere.

The fear of women being clad in a Burqa is clearly one of the most absurd first world problems that we have. There are some third world countries where not wearing a Burqa is a crime which has some violent and severe repercussions. As such many women in those countries live in fear every day of their lives. Yet here in Australia the women that are wearing them are doing so both voluntarily, and usually for a love of the religion that they sincerely believe in. Which is one of the basic freedoms that we too often take for granted here in Australia.

Yet here in the developed world, we fear the Burqa wearers. Online Ban the Burqa groups are filled with people that justify their fear by making statements about how women wearing Burqas are potentially suicide bombers, bank robbers, drug dealers and anything else that the fearful can shove under a black sheet.

These groups justify their stance by claiming that they are standing up for the ‘victim’; the women that are forced to wear the attire that they object to. Meanwhile they also claim that what they are ‘against’ is something that is incompatible with our national ideals or character.

But it’s bulldust. These groups often attack the women under these Burqas directly, subjecting them to personal abuse while attacking them for their religion. In these groups they often directly attack the ‘victim’ they are trying to ‘protect’ while savaging the religion that supposedly victimises them. Ignoring the love and faith that these people hold in this religion

They usually completely ignore the parochialism of their own point of view and quite often miss the real dangers to these women. Often ignoring that they themselves are actually the endemic part of the problem.

But they are protecting a ‘victim’ of sorts. They are protecting themselves. Although they don’t concede it personally, they live in fear of things that seem trivial to most. They fear the Burqa and the women under it. They fear Muslims, usually irrationally, and they fear the unknowns of not understanding what drives these people; even though their day-to-day lives, goals and dreams aren’t actually any different to their own.

Ask them what the solution is, and you will get a small spectrum of answers that vary from being downright stupid, to impulsively considered and concieted. All of which end in the one simple outcome of simply removing the possibility of them encountering the people that they dislike in our community.

This is where the true tragedy lays. Whereas the imbecilic members of these groups often spend hours attacking those people that they despise so intently, their contact with them will often be only a mere few seconds of their entire lives. They may drive or walk past a Muslim on their street every day, but a woman wearing a Burqa is likely to be just something that most of them will only see briefly a handful of times.

Most of these groups rely on photos stolen from the web to depict women wearing Burqas, simply because they have seen them themselves so rarely, that they’ve rarely been able to actually capture a photo of one, despite the flotilla of cameras that are now accessible in our modern community.

The ‘Afraid’ are spending hundreds of hours of their lives fearing something that they will only ever be exposed to for a matter of seconds. The likelihood of them being exposed to the ‘unknowns’ that they fear about these people infinitely less likely still.

These people are indeed victims. They are victims of themselves. A life spent fearing the unknown and running from the monsters that hide under their own sheets is a life wasted. They aren’t going to solve the problems of the world by attacking others less fortunate than themselves, and no one is ever going to achieve something other than their own humiliation by hunting the world for the monsters that are in their own heads.

While the internet is awash with modern versions of Don Quixote, it’s easy to lose faith that you could still find a diamond in the rough. When you have oceans of idiots navel gazing on the most menial of problems in their lives and broadcasting them to the world, you know one thing is for sure: The idiots of the internet are here to stay.


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2 responses to “Got a problem Idiot?

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  • mindmadeup

    Thousands of people die each year as a direct result of:

    * Cigarettes;
    * Alcohol;
    * Car accidents;
    * Physical assaults etc.

    Yet, while the statistics show that you have more chance of being struck by lightning than being killed by terrorism, we still have these groups who are deadset frightened to the point of irrationality of ladies who cover their faces.

    So while these dropkick lowlifes vent their fear and rage online, they are more than likely smoking a pack a day, getting drunk 2-3 times per week, hooning in their souped up Commodores and trying to solve all of their problems with violence.

    Livin’ on the edge!

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